A Couple of Festive ones to see out 2015

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here for over a year! I’m disgusted with myself, and I promise to be back on track next year, firstly with a review of my 2015!

Well, since the christmas tree and decorations have gone up, I took out the camera and decided to get all festive. Here are the results.

Merry Christmas and have a great new year!

© Lee Massey/MassPix. 14/12/2015. London, UK. A tiny Father Christmas boot hangs on a Christmas tree ready for Christmas Day. Photo credit: Lee Massey/MassPix

© Lee Massey/MassPix. 14/12/2015. London, UK. A tiny Father Christmas boot hangs on a Christmas tree ready for Christmas Day. Photo credit: Lee Massey/MassPix

© Lee Massey/MassPix. 23/12/2015. London, UK. A Santa Claus snow globe in front of a lit Christmas tree. Photo credit: Lee Massey/MassPix

© Lee Massey/MassPix. 23/12/2015. London, UK. A Santa Claus snow globe in front of a lit Christmas tree. Photo credit: Lee Massey/MassPix

© Lee Massey/MassPix. 14/12/2015. London, UK. A small glass angel hangs between baubles on a Christmas tree. Photo credit: Lee Massey/MassPix

© Lee Massey/MassPix. 14/12/2015. London, UK. A small glass angel hangs between baubles on a Christmas tree. Photo credit: Lee Massey/MassPix


Hockey Season Is Back

Ahh, Ice Hockey season is back at last!

Some of you may or may not know that I am a massive fan of Ice Hockey. The team in the UK that I used to support (before they were taken away and destroyed by the team owner, the b*****d!) were the Slough Jets. They were a fantastic team who were previous league and playoff champions, and have created some outstanding hockey players that have gone on to do even better things with their hockey careers.

The other teams I support are teams that play in the league that EVERY hockey player and pretty much every fan wants to play in, and that is the NHL, the National Hockey League, and they are the Philadelphia Flyers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. These guys are hockey gods, they go through an extremely tough selection process and even the ones that do eventually get through don’t really have a career in the NHL.

Here is an extract from the Huffington Post by Emily Cornelius, on how hard it is toy make it in the NHL.

As hockey fans, one of our favorite things to do is criticize the players. ‘He’s a bum’, ‘he’s washed up,’ ‘we are paying him how much?’ It’s innate. They make a ton of money to do what we wish we were doing, they can take a little ribbing from us lowly fans.

But are we giving these players enough credit? How hard is it actually to ‘make it,’ to ‘go to the show,’ to ‘get the call?’ 

Early 2013, Jim Parcels, a former Peterborough Petes trainer and Ken Campbell, a writer for The Hockey News, co-authored Selling the Dream: How Hockey Parents and Their Kids Are Paying the Price for Our National Obsession. In the book, Parcels breaks down the odds of a kid from Ontario making the NHL. Out of the select 30,000 players they studied, 48 were drafted by an NHL team, and 39 of those 48 actually signed contracts with an NHL team. Of that 39, only 32 actually played in the NHL, and only 15 of those players played more than one full season. And finally, of that 15, only six played the minimum 400 games to qualify for the NHL Player Pension. 

So if we count the 400 game league minimum for the Player Pension as having a ‘career’ in the NHL, then 0.16 percent will get drafted into the NHL and only 0.02 percent of hockey-playing boys in Ontario will make a ‘career’ out of hockey. 

Now to be fair… that study was initially done in 1991 and there has been nine new teams added since then, opening up about 205 spots… but at the same time, according to the CBC, the number of boys playing hockey in Canada has steadily grown about 1.5 percent year over year, and the number of boys playing hockey in the USA has increased about 5.2 percent year over year. The IIHF reports that Czech Republic and Finland have growth in the double digits for boys hockey registrations, which is creating even more competition and overall, decreasing the odds of making it to ‘the show.’

The odds are even slimmer if you are born in the second half of the year. A study published in PLOS ONE by three psychology professors found that players born in Jan-March are more likely to be drafted than players born later in the same calendar year. 

(I won’t even get into the frustrations of a female hockey player who has a better chance of winning the lottery, while getting struck by lightning in a double rainbow than making it to the NHL… I digress)

As any sport, hockey also sees about a 8-10 percent attrition rate each year according to Parcels and Campbell. Meaning that 8-10 percent of boys will drop out of hockey due to injuries, loss of interest, etc. I suppose there are some people that just don’t want a career in hockey… weird. 

So perhaps these NHL players we so desperately love to take cheap shots at deserve just a little bit of credit. They have hustled and grinded their way through some pretty tough competition to get where they are. If you only take one stat away with you, let it be this one; first round draft picks, who are considered the best of the best, the most desired, the cream of the crop, have historically only been career NHL players 63 percent of the time. It’s a pretty tough gig.

Hockey is also the fastest sport on ice and I’d go as far to say one of the best spectator sports around!
Sadly, ice hockey doesn’t have as much of a following in the UK as it does in USA and Canada, but it is still here. Don’t just dismiss it, if you like fast sports, adrenaline filled sports then Ice Hockey is definitely something for you to see.

The rules (if you’ve never seen the game) can seem a bit confusing, so here is a link to a web page that explains them in layman’s terms, so-to-speak! I’m not calling anyone a dummy by the way! Haha.

Hockey For Dummies Cheat Sheet

I strongly recommend Ice Hockey to everyone of all ages, kids right the way through to your grand parents.

You’ll love it!!

R.I.P Alan Henning


I would just like to take this opportunity to pay my respects to Mr Alan Henning, the British aid worker that has been held by Islamic State for some considerable time. Sadly, a video has been released which apparently showed a member of IS beheading Mr. Henning. The murderer is believed to be the same person that has carried out the previous beheadings and is known as “Jihadi John”, an English speaking man that has joined IS to fight and murder innocent people.

I just hope that the RAF, the United States and other NATO allies put an end to all Islamic State members and supporters as soon as possible. If it means dropping bombs on strategic targets day in day out then so-be-it. They have my full support.

I’m not going to go on as I could be here for some time, so I will end it by sending my condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Henning. I, and I’m sure the rest of the country are thinking of you during this difficult time.

R.I.P Alan Henning

First Time Riding at Swinley

On the Friday (19th September 2014) after hearing good things about the trails in Swinley Forest I decided to put the bike in the back of the car and head down there and see for my self.

The riding was great, hard work but, considering I haven’t ridden properly for about 15 years I felt I didn’t do too bad! I managed 11 miles of the trails (2 runs of the blue) but on the first run I stopped and managed to get some photographs of the place. It was fairly quiet considering the car park was pretty full but I guessed that was for the kids adventure playground which is located in the same area.

There is Swinley Bike Hub too. which is a small “shop” that sells parts for bikes (mountain bikes) and carries out bits and pieces if they can. From what I saw they are a great little place! Also there is a café so you can either grab some food and drink before or after your ride!

Next time I go I’ll be with a few people and we will go for some of the more challenging parts of the trails but for a first time out, it was well worth the trip!


Until the next time!


To see my photographs of Swinley click HERE

London’s Fittest Firefighter Continued

Saturday went very well! Great weather and great crowds came to see London’s Firefighters compete to be crowned London’s Fittest Firefighter! This year saw a brand new physically demanding course. The course started with a 500m row followed by 20 … Continue reading

London’s Fittest Firefighter

Afternoon all,

Just a heads up that London’s Covent Garden will again be the host to the finals of London’s Fittest Firefighter competition!

Tomorrow, Saturday 6th September 2014, will see a number of London’s Bravest competing against each other in a battle to see who is declared London’s Fittest Firefighter. The event has been going for a number of years and is a great event for everyone to come and watch! Get there nice and early so you get a good place to watch from! 

My photographs will be posted a few days after the event!

See you all there!

Making A Come Back!

Well, I’ve not used my blog for a long time now and feel it’s time to get it back up and running and up to date!

I’ve been very busy with weddings and shooting Ice Hockey, and I will post a few images from all that soon. I have also had a few problems with my laptop and external HD too, currently I have lost (still needs to hopefully be recovered!) approximately 750gb of data, all images!! It is going to cost me a small fortune to get them recovered but it has to be done.

Anyway, as I said a moment ago, I will be posting a few images from what I have been up to very soon, and I will be updating my blog on a more regular basis from no on!

Have a good day!

GK Icon

Today I had the opportunity to photograph a new business venture – GK Icon – created by Brentford FC first team Goalkeeper Richard Lee.

The images from the afternoon will be on the new website as soon as it has finished being built, which is looking like Friday 19th April 2013.

All parents/guardians of the children involved please keep checking the website, and as soon as it is live the username and password you were given will be active.

Please bare with us. Thank you for your patients.

The MassPix team.

Southbank Skate Park

I was in sunny old London Town yesterday (7th April) looking for various opportunities to grab some stock images. I had been walking around for a couple of hours and decided to go for a walk along the south side of the river. I then remembered that the Southbank Skate Park was there so I decided to get some shots of the lads on their skateboards.

Here are the results. Let me know what you think!